Our Privacy Statement

Cache Valley Pharmacy Privacy Notice

The pharmacy is required by law to maintain the privacy of Public Health Information (PHI)and to provide individuals with notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to PHI. We are required to follow the terms of the Notice that are currently in effect.

How the pharmacy may use or disclose PHI

For your treatment- Information obtained by the pharmacy will be used to dispense prescription medication to you.  We will document in your record information related to the medications dispensed to you.

For payment-information may be given to your insurance company or third party payer for billing purposes.

For health care operations- Information may be used to improve the quality of care for our patients.

Public health risks- As legally mandated we will disclose information to the public health systems or state or federal authorities (ie FDA, DEA) charged with preventing and controlling disease, injury, or disability

For health oversight activities- PHI may be disclosed to an oversight agency for the purpose of audit, investigations, inspections, our licensure, and government required programs. (ie compliance with civil laws, government programs)

Lawsuits and disputes- in response to a court order, administrative order or subpoena certain PHI may be disclosed.  Only in legal binding circumstances when appropriate legal steps have been ensured.

For specific government functions-PHI will be released under the following circumstances: 1.Information about military personnel as required by military authorities, 2. Information concerning inmate to a correctional institution or law enforcement personnel, 3. In response to a request from a law enforcement personnel, 4. For issues of national security if legal requirements are met.

To advert serious threat to health and safety

You have the following Rights with respect to your health information:

To obtain and inspect a copy of PHI policy- All PHI information kept by the pharmacy may be obtained as long as all legal aspects have been fulfilled (ie release of information form).  In the case of a denial of information, you may request a review of the denial.

Request an amendment to PHI-If you feel your PHI is incomplete or incorrect you may request that we amend it. This request must be in writing with a brief explanation. Each request will be evaluated on a individual basis.

You have the right to request restrictions on certain uses or discloser.  The pharmacy hold the right to deny restrictions in the case of over-riding laws or ordinances.

Receive an account of disclosures of PHI- you have the right to receive a account of all disclosures may after 04/14/03 for most purposes (excluding treatment, payment, healthcare operations, authorizations by you, and certain government disclosures).  Request must be made in writing, and to exceed 5 years.

To receive more information or to file a complaint you will be referred to the privacy officer. There will be no retaliation for filing a complaint.