Cracked Heel Hack Kit

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We can help with those lingering cracked heels!

This Hack Kit Includes:

  • 3g Bottle Salicylic Acid Powder
  • 3ml Syringe of Mineral oil
  • 1 Tube Aquaphor (50g)
  • 1 Tube 20% Urea (2oz)
  • 4 oz Jar
  • 1 Stir Stick
  • Instruction Card

The ultimate cure for your cracked dried feet.

4 easy steps to create your own cure for flip flop foot AKA cracked feet.
1- Add 3 grams of salicylic acid
2- add 3 ML of mineral oil and mix it together
3- Add 1 tbsp of aquaphor or bag balm & stir it all together
4- add 85 grams of 20% eurea cream and mix it together.
Apply a light layer 3-4 times per day for 7-10 days. Repeat as needed. Never snag on your sheets again!
See product images for instructions on how to use the kit, or watch the Instagram video that is linked in the description below!


4 reviews for Cracked Heel Hack Kit

  1. Alyce

    Every Floridian needs this! Wearing flip flops year round, you know how it is. I’ve spent so much money on pedicures and bought every heel cream on the market and nothing works like this does. I had deep cracks that would bleed. This is a holy grail hack kit you need. You’ll see a huge difference after the first application. Thank you Phil xoxo

  2. Terry (verified owner)

    This stuff works! Ordering more.

  3. Dianne (verified owner)

    This stuff really works!!! My heels were in such terrible condition even after scrubbing them with a pumice stone. Now, my heels/feet feel amazing and are so smooth. I am amazed with this hack. I have shared it with my friends and family. Now I am ready for flip flop season!

  4. Amber

    THIS! This is the stuff! I have dyshydrosis and a wedding in 8 days. My feet were pretty banged up from Summer and, well, neglect. I took a shot on this kit and in less than a week, my feet look better than they have in literally years. Thank you!

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