Toenail Fungus Kit


We can help you get rid of those thick toenails!

This Hack Kit Includes:

  • New Skin liquid bandage 1oz bottle
  • Salacylic Acid Powder 3 grams
  • Tea Tree Oil 10ml glass bottle

See product images for instructions on how to use the kit, or watch the Instagram video that is linked in the description below!



Step 1: Combine 10ml of Tea Tree oil with 3 grams of Salacylic Acid Powder
Step 2: Pour combined Tea Tree and Salacylic powder into the New Skin bottle
Step 3: Shake well. Apply to affected toenail(s) with a Q-Tip then dispose of used Q-Tip.
@philsmypharmacist Nothing worse to deal with than toenail fungus…well maybe some things. #pharmacist #ShareTheMagic ♬ original sound – philsmypharmacist


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